Renukamba Temple

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Renukamba Temple at Chandragutti is a beautiful place situated on a rocky mountain bed in Sahyadri ranges and located at a distance of 18 Km from Soraba. Chandragutti is well known for a temple dedicated to Goddess Renukamba, mother of Parashurama.You are welcomed by a small pond which is known as Tottila baavi and also there is small rock on which foot prints of main deity is carved. It is a cave temple and is in the form of half moon. Along with this goddess there are 2 more temple, one of sacred seven headed “Nagaraja” (snake god) and “Parusharam” right in front of the Goddess Renukamba and the other one is of “Shoolada Beerappa”, there is a stair way which leads towards down the hill here is the temple of Shoolada Beerappa. Chandragutti is also well known for Trekking activities. Distance between shimoga to chandragutti temple 107 KM.

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