Rameshwara temple Keladi

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Rameshwara temple was build in 16th century. The large temple complex houses three temples dedicated to Rameshwara (Lord Shiva), Veerabhadreshwara (warrior form of Lord Shiva) and Parvati Devi (consort of Lord Shiva). The temple was built by Chowdappa Nayaka. The temple is in dravidian style of architecture influenced by Kadamba and Hoysala style. The roofs and pillars of the temple are made out of carved wood. Museum:- You can find a Museum situated outside the Keladi Rameswara temple that is maintained by Karnataka state government. Keladi Museum is a rich storehouse of copper inscriptions, palm leaves, coins and many more interesting antiques of the Keladi period. The museum also has the recovered idols of Hoysala and Chalukya period from the early 16th century to the late 18th century. The Jain temple here is 900 years old. Keladi is a temple and historical town located near Sagar in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Keladi is located about 8 km from the town of Sagara...

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