Shivappanayaka’s Fort

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Shivappanayaka’s Fort is located in Nagara, a small village in the Shivamogga or Shimoga District of Karnataka. There is a beautiful fort, popularly known as "Nagara Fort" built by Shivappa Nayaka during the 16th century under the Keladi rulers. Apart from the Shivappa Nayaka Fort, there are few other attractions one of which is the Devagange Tank its like a swimming pool & the fountain. The Shivappanayaka fort is situated on the bank of River Tunga, in the heart of the city, adjacent to Vasavi Vidyalaya. In the same Kote Street as the fort is the famous Kote Anjenaya Swamy Temple. The fort built of stone masonry is almost ovoid on plan having a series of bastions at regular intervals. Above the masonry wall raises the thick parapet with a series of musket holes. distance between nagara fort to shimoga 88 KM.

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