Kundadri Hill

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Kundadri hill lies in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The 17th Century Jain Temple will be especially crowded during the time of Makara Shankaranthi. Lying at an altitude of 976m above sealevel. This temple is enclosed by two ponds that were formed by the rocks in front of the temple covered by the fragrances of Lotus Throughout the year. Though the Jain temple is not that spectacular, the view and air quality makes the walk worthwhile. For Trekking Enthusiasts this place one of good trekking trails starting from the base and heading in to the thick cover forests of the terthahalli and exhaustingly reaching the peak which is 3800 feet from ground level. The tiredness of the exhausted trek will be forgotten by looking at the fantastic viewpoints of the surrounding natural beauty and other peaks of terthahalli. Apart from trekking the sunset which on a clear day you can look the orange glowing ball disappearing in the backgrounds of Arabian Sea. This is one of the beautiful destinations to view the Sunset and Sunrise. The best time to visit Kundadri: Round the year except monsoon.. Distance between Shimoga and Kundadri Hill is 91 kms.

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