Rameshvara temple

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The Rameshvara temple at Koodli is an ancient Temple. The Rameshwara Temple dated back to 12th century near the confluence of the 2 Rivers, River Tunga and River Bhadra meet at Koodli and give rise to the River Tungabhadra... Behind the temple a small roofless temple with nandi denotes the exact point where the two rivers meet, and is considered to be very sacred. At sangama lord called as Sangameshwara. At confluence point there will be always water. While going to the river on the left side we can find another famous temple, which is Kshetra Devate Sri Chitamani Narasimha Swamy Temple beside the Sangameshwara temple.It belived to be installed & worshipped by Sri Prahlada. There are two mutt in the Koodli. One is Shankara mutta & another one is Akshobhya thirtha Mutta. Koodli is a small village located at a distance of 15 Km from Shimoga city on Shimoga - Channagiri Road

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