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The mountain peak of Kodachadri forms the picturesque background for the Sri Mookambika Temple of Kollur. Kodachadri lies in the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. Kodachadri hills are also a great place for Trekkers. The mountain is 1343m tall and is the highest peak in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The distance from the foothill to the top is about 18 kms and it takes about an hour to reach the top. The jeep ride is an experience in itself. There is no road at all, only a pathway that looks to be carved out of the rocks. So the jeeps literally drive on the rocks. Greenery all over except for the jeep tracks and a sheet of white clouds hovering above the head. Built entirely with stone, the tiny structure has an idol of Shankaracharya in its sanctum sanctorum. The stone walls and pillars outside have carved sculptures on them. Sunset at kodachadri is beautiful, at the peak of kodachadri there is Sarvajna Peeth is a small shankaracharya temple . There are a lot of Homestay locations around Kodachadri hills. jeep ride gives you aswome experince. Best time to trek.Its always best to trek in winter. Kodachadri trek in monsoon will be little difficult. But trekking is possible in normal rains. In Heavy rain trekking will be more difficult. Avoid Hindumane falls route in heavy rains as crossing falls will be much challenging. Its always better to hire local guide if you are trekking in heavy rain. The trek takes 8-10 hours to complete and should be undertaken only by experienced trekkers with fitness levels at their peak. trekkers can travel to Nagodi village, which is at the base of the peak. An alternate route is to travel overnight to Nittur. The trek is a 12-km route from Nittur from Kodachadri gate.: Best time to trek is from October to February. The total straight line distance between Shimoga and Kodachadri is 115 KM.:Bangalore-72KM ,

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