Kavaledurga Fort

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The Kavaledurga Fort is a hidden beauty in the Western Ghats.It was initially built in 9th century and features the beautiful architecture and great construction plans of those times. In some sections of Karnataka, Kavaledurga is also known was Bhuvanagiri. This was a significant place during the rule of the Keladi Nayaks. The fort is almost in ruins today and it is not visited much by tourists. Kavaledurga Fort has some amazing trekking trails nearby. The fort walls built of granite blocks range from 30 to 40 ft in height. There are watch towers is strategic places. The entire fort is around 8 km in circumference with two types of defences. The village itself had two lines of fortification, while the fort had five lines of fortifications, following the natural contour of the hillocks. The original structure had guard houses flanking each gateway. Beyond the ruins of the palace, the jungle reigns supreme, save for some fort walls and gateways entangled in the grip of vines and creepers. A pleasant surprise awaits the one who takes the trouble to trek to the summit. To the west and spread over a large expanse are the backwaters of the Varahi Dam, inundating heavily forested lands that have transformed into islands, jutting out from the massive stretch of water. Hence it can be best visited just after the monsoon season that is between July and December. Kavaledurga is a historical place located at a distance of 16 Km from Thirthahalli in Shimoga district.. .

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