Chandragutti Fort

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Chandragutti Fort is a historical place that is surrounded by natural beauty on all sides. The fort was built on hills surrounding dense forest, also the fort is home to Renukadevi temple. The fort has natural lake and view point tip near to western part of the fort. Chandragutti Fort is an ancient structure. The fort was under the control of the Kadambas of Banavasi . According to an inscription that dates back to 1396 A.D., during the reign of Vijayanagara ruler Harihara II (1377-1404 CE), a local chieftain named Bachanna claims to have ruled over Chandragutti. It is described that the area was later under the control of Keladi Nayakas. A trek to the Chandragutti Fort is a delight for trekkers. The route to the fort passes through a dense forest and offers the opportunity to trekkers to watch various kinds of trees and plants. Stone steps leading from the forest to the fort make the climb easier. But it is the view from the top that is breath-taking. Standing on the highest point of the fort and having a look at the blanket of greenery below is a surreal experience. It is a quiet place with a gentle breeze always flowing. The fort is the perfect location to relax, away from the din and hustle of city life and pollution. Chandragutti can be visited throughout the year. The fort is located top a hill that stands between Soraba taluka and Siddapura in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, 107KM from shimoga.

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