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Agumbe is also known Cherrapunji of South India because this place receives highest rainfall in Karnataka state. Agumbe is also popular for exciting trekking routes. Taking a trip to Agumbe is a pleasant experience, it has picturesque beauty and is ideal for trekking. Agumbe is in Malnad and is covered with low land rain forests. wonderful sunset view and trekking paths.. The sunset point at the end of the ghat is a breath taking sight. A panoramic view of the mountains can be had from the cozy little sunset point. The sun set at Malpe beach can be best seen from here. The sun takes the form of round, oval and other shapes here.. The ghat road has 14 hair pin bends, a challenge for drivers. It can be reached from Udupi also,30 km from Hebri in Udupi District, the road upward the ghats is 10 km long, until you reach the highest point. The total straight line distance between Shimoga and Agumbe is 70 KM.. Best time to viewing sunset of Agumbe is from November to May.

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